: Phototropedelic App for iPad

I am loving this app, Phototropedelic. Think it is iPad only, it is supposed to be a quick and easy way to make your photos look like a Peter Max poster or something, complete with stars, rays, and bright vivid colors. But, there are tons of customization options, which I exploit to either simplify busy pics, or busy up drab ones. The end result can come out as a pretty decent illustration.

It takes some preparation to get the results I want, usually tweaking contrast and color balance. One nifty side benefit is the fact that you can use low resolution photos and come out the other side with a decent image.

Here is an example of the Pop Art effect it was designed to create:

And finally, a couple more variations of some jellyfish photos:

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: Herschel Astronomical Illustrations

These images are astonomical illustrations by John Herschel, son of astronomer Sir William Herschel. The images are from the David Rumsey Map Collection at:

The David Rumsey map collection is amazing, anyone interested in cartography, history, geography, or just design in general should visit. Around 30,000 historical images from maps and atlases are viewable (and downloadable) at the site, all available as low resolution for viewing online or resolution high enough to print.

Recently stumbled on this fantastic science blog, with a great astronomy thread:

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: charming kids

Been a while since I have had the time, but had to post this pick of my lovely daughters. Walked into Sailor’s bedroom, and saw her sister Vivian laying down, and Sailor dressed up to perform – surgery? Shivers.

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:: Peter Max Poster take 2 ::

Working with an antiques dealer, I now have a second Peter Max poster available for sale. Asking price is $850 or so

In case you missed it, below is an image of the first Peter Max poster I was helping to sell:

Asking price for the second poster is $750

email: treywiggins@hotmail.com


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:: Peter Max Poster ::

Selling a Peter Max poster that I found in a little shop in town, well, helping the dealer sell it for a split of the sale price. She didn’t realize these were desirable.

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Serious Fun :: iPad at Work & Play

I have been away from this blog for a month or so. Between the passing of my laptop, and being busy with a new job, I haven’t been able to get back to posting. The WordPress App for iPad doesn’t make anything that much easier, but I am trying to work within these constraints. One of my goals over the next week or so is to publish some of my thoughts and experiences of using the iPad as a serious tool for creating music, as a must-have for digital photographers, and what I hope the future of Apps for IOS can be.

I will write more over the next few days…this was essentially a test of the latest WordPress App update…and I needed a couple of “babysteps” before serious postings again.

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Third try with new WP app

Third try with WP app…

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Back to the beach : Bethany Photo’s

A few more photo’s from our trip to the beach last week – August 9-14 – these are from the salt pond behind the beach.

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Bethany Beach : Big Surf : Family Photo’s

Some photo’s of the kids – Sailor & Vivian – as well as some pics of Bethany Beach, Delaware – big surf for the area…

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Tennessee : Gatlinburg : Ripley’s Aquarium

Sorry – these photo’s are a little out of sequence – I took the kids down to Tennessee instead of sending them to camp for another week – had a great time, except for the 12 hour car rides down and back – there wasn’t 5 minutes where they weren’t asking how much longer or how much further…Once there, we had a ball, and totally dug the unbelievably great aquarium in Gatlinburg.

Sailor – and myself – are both huge fans of Cephalapods, and heir cuttlefish were a favorite – check out the shape of the pupil – squids and octopi all have different shaped pupils.

Sailor became a huge fan of Ripley’s Believe It or Not museums on this trip – and I enjoyed seeing sculptures of Friend of Family Leo Sewell prominently displayed.

The Viv took a monster horseback ride through the Smoky Mountains while Sailor and I broiled in the sun and gem mined. They wouldn’t let me photograph her, but they let me have one of their “house” photographs at cost…

Here are a few more pics of the aquarium and from the drive back – the girls thought we were in Hollywood when they saw a giant sign for Endless Caverns in Virginia.

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